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Ossur Unloader One Custom Knee Brace

We specialize in fitting Ossur Unloader One custom knee braces specific for mild to severe medial osteoarthritis and other unicompartmental knee conditions that requiring load reduction

The Ossur Unloader One Custom Knee Brace Research Shows:

  • It decreases knee pain for a more active life

  • It reduces the use of pain medication, with no unwarranted side effects

  • It improves knee function, helping to avoid or postpone surgery

The Ossur Unloader One custom knee brace is a comfortable, lightweight, low-profile knee brace that provides excellent suspension and unloading leverage. This brace incorporates Dual Dynamic Force Straps, the Dynamic Force Control System, a flexible shell and breathable liners (coated with Össur Sensil Silicone to improve comfort and reduce brace movement). It is used for knee conditions that require load reduction such as mild to severe knee osteoarthritis, articular cartilage defects, avascular necrosis, or tibial plateau fractures. It offers SmartDosing which is a simplified, single-hand dial for easy adjustment.

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