Custom Össur Rebound DUAL Knee Brace

Probracing specializes in fitting Össur Reboud Dual knee braces specific for ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, knee ligament, osteoarthritis, general stability and function.

About Össur Rebound DUAL

Össur Rebound DUAL Wearing & Maintenance

The custom Össur Rebound DUAL knee brace is a comfortable, lightweight, low-profile brace made with an aluminum frame providing excellent support and stability for ligament injuries (ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL) and osteoarthritis conditions combined with ligaments injuries. It comes in 25 different color combinations and has frame adjustability for height and angle correction. 


Improve knee support, reduce pain & increase activity participation. Our braces are fully covered by private insurance plans.


Össur Rebound DUAL Wearing & Maintenance

Wearing Instructions

  1. With straps #1-4 undone and strap #5 loosened, bend your knee 30-45 degrees
  2. Step through the brace and align the hinges with the top of your knee cap and centered to your leg
  3. Do up strap #1 (lower shin)
  4. Do up strap #2 (upper thigh)
  5. Do up strap #3 (lower thigh)
  6. Do up strap #4 (upper shin)
  7. Do up strap #5, this strap does not have to be undone for future use unless brace needs to be readjusted
  8. All straps can be trimmed or adjusted to length, don’t over tightening the two top straps this can cause the brace to migrate

Maintenance Instructions

  • use a damp cloth to wipe the brace of any dirt and debris
  • brace can be hand washed with water and/or mild soap, do not use washing machine or dryer
  • rinse the brace well with cold water to remove any soap 
  • let brace air dry 
  • pads and liners can be removed, just remember which pads go where, it helps to take a picture prior to disassembling
  • brace should be cleaned regularly based on type of activity & amount of sweat
  • let brace air dry after heavy use (don’t leave it in closed bags

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