Custom Donjoy A22 Knee Brace

Probracing specializes in fitting Donjoy A22 custom knee braces specific for ACL, MCL, LCL, knee ligament, general stability and function.

About Donjoy A22

Donjoy A22 Research & Facts

Donjoy A22 Wearing & Maintenance

A custom Donjoy A22 knee brace offers uncompromised engineering delivering the world’s first titanium custom knee brace. Striking the perfect balance of weight, strength, and profile with its slim design.


Improve knee support, reduce pain & increase activity participation. Our braces are fully covered by private insurance plans.


Donjoy A22 Wearing & Maintenance

Wearing Instructions

  1. Sit at the edge of a stable chair, with your leg bent about 45 degrees and your foot flat on the floor
  2. With the straps undone, step through the brace
  3. Line the center of the hinges slightly above the top of your knee cap
  4. Push the hinges slightly back to line with the middle of your knee
  5. Secure the bottom calf strap #1
  6. Secure the top thigh strap #2 (make sure hinges do not move forward, push slightly back if necessary)
  7. Secure lower thigh strap #3
  8. Secure top calf strap #4
  9. Secure back calf strap #5 in a standing position so it sits gently on your calf, you do not have to undo this strap for future use

Maintenance Instructions

Cleaning Instructions

  • use a damp cloth to wipe the brace
  • brace can be hand washed with water and/or mild soap
  • rinse the brace well with cold water to remove any soap 
  • let brace air dry 
  • don’t take off pads and straps to clean the brace, as straps placement can get mixed up
  • brace should be cleaned regularly based on type of activity & amount of sweat
  • let brace air dry after heavy use (don’t leave it in closed bags)

If Brace Starts to Squeak

  • don’t use WD-40 or other grease based lubricants as it can damage the hinge
  • only use teflon based lubricants
  • use air duster or air compressor to blow out dust in hinge
  • put a few drops of teflon lubricant in the back of hinge
  • bend and straighten brace several times and let it sit overnight
  • repeat steps above if noise persists

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