Donjoy Defiance Custom Knee Brace Fitting Instructions

-Sit at the edge of a stable chair, with your leg bent about 45 degrees and your foot flat on the floor.
-With the straps undone, step through the brace.
-Line the center of the hinges slightly above the top of your knee cap (fig 2A).
-Push the hinges slightly back behind the mid line of your knee (fig 2B).
-Secure the Anti Migration Strap (second from the bottom, the underneath strap), this will prevent the brace from moving while securing the other straps.
-Do not secure the outer strap #4, this will be done during step #5.
-Secure the bottom calf strap #1 (fig 4A).
-Secure the top thigh strap#2.
-Make sure the hinges do not move forward, push slightly back if necessary.
-Secure lower thigh strap #3 (fig 5A).
-Redo Anti Migration strap and secure upper front calf strap #4 (fig 5B).
-Secure back calf strap #5.
-You do not have to undo this strap for future use.
-Brace should fit snug to the leg.
-Stand up and make sure straps are snug but comfortable.

Donjoy Defiance Custom Knee Brace Fitting Trouble Shooting Tips

  • Make sure you start with the brace in the right position. The middle of the hinges should be slightly above the top of the knee cap and be pushed slightly back behind the mid-line of the knee.
  • When applying the straps hold the hinges in place so the brace doesn’t move.
  • Try not to over tighten the thigh straps (straps #2 & #3) this will push the brace down the leg.
  • Always follow the order of the straps if other straps have to be re-tightened. Start with the bottom calf strap #1, then upper thigh strap #2, then lower thigh strap #3 and end with the upper calf strap #4.
  • Calf strap #5 does not need to be taken off after it is properly positioned.